How to Make Social Media Easier to Manage

Feb 11, 2020 | Social Media

What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot is a social media marketing and scheduling tool designed to help you increase brand awareness and traffic to your social media profiles. It is a slick competitor for Buffer, Hootsuite, Zoho and the many other social media management tools available.

In short, SocialPilot saves you time. Once you have connected your various accounts, you can write one post and share it to ALL of your social accounts with one click. You can schedule posts to publish at a later date/time. You can choose which posts to share where. You can even set up a feed from your blog, to automatically share your blog posts to your social accounts.

It covers all of the major channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr.

What is included?

The entry level package is $30 a month and this will get you:

  • 25 Social Media Accounts
  • Analytics and Reports
  • 2 Facebook Ad Accounts
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Content Curation & Discovery
  • RSS Feeds
  • 4 x 5 Support
  • 3 Team Members
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Mobile App Available
  • No Tie In, Pay Monthly
Note that you get a 20% discount for annual billing, so if you can pay in advance for the year, the cost will equate to just over $25 a month.

Content Discovery

What we really like about SocialPilot is the Content Discovery tool, which makes it so easy to find interesting posts to share. This is actually a free tool for everyone to use directly on their website, but when used in conjunction with the subscription you can spend 10 minutes in the morning, finding and scheduling great content for the day or the coming week.

RSS Feeds

The RSS feeds are also a nice feature. If you have your own blog, you can set up the RSS feed to auto-post from your blog whenever you publish a new post. You can also automate sharing from your favourite blogs. Let’s say you like a lot of what write about. You can set up the RSS feed for Mashable and every time to log into SocialPilot you will see a list of Mashable’s most recent posts. It’s one click to share whatever takes your interest. This is a massive time saver.

Manage up to 25 Social Accounts

If you look after social accounts for a few different businesses, you can manage these all in one place. If you need more than 25 accounts, you can upgrade to the next level (currently priced at $50 a month). That will get you 50 accounts, plus some additional client management features. This is ideal social media management freelancers or small agencies.

Collaborate with your team

The entry level subscription allows up to 3 team members. This means you can grant access for team members or clients.

Reporting & Analytics

SocialPilot provides in-depth reporting so you can analyse the engagement of your followers with each post, as well as providing a summary of your overall social media performance.

Are you ready to try a comprehensive and robust social media toolkit?

Try SocialPilot today with a 14 day free trial.