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What is TermsFeed?

TermsFeed provides trusted legal agreements for websites and apps. This includes Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Return and Refund, Cookies and Disclaimer policies. All policies have a free tier although the majority of websites will need to upgrade to the premium offering to ensure coverage. However, the premium is reasonable and certainly a whole lot cheaper than employing a lawyer to provide custom policies for your business.

The main difference between Termsfeed and Termageddon (who I have previously recommended and whom I use myself on this website), is that Termsfeed is a one-off fee whereas Termageddon is an annual subscription. While Termageddon users will be covered by law changes automatically as part of their subscription, TermsFeed users will need to pay an additional fee to “upgrade” their coverage.

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TermsFeed don’t provide pricing information on their website. In fact, you won’t see the pricing info until you start to create your policy and checkout. While I would prefer to see these details upfront, the TermsFeed support team were quick to get back to me to explain that this is because it depends on the options selected. For example, if your website uses Google Analytics, the clause to cover that will cost $24. They inform me that the typical costs for each policy are:

  • Privacy Policy $100
  • T&C $80
  • EULA $50
  • Disclaimer $20
  • Return Policy $10

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Ease of Use

TermsFeed is very easy to use. To generate your privacy policy you just need to add your business details and answer a few questions about your website/app, such as:

  • What kind of personal information do you collect?
  • Do you use Google Analytics?
  • Do you send users emails?
  • Do you sell products/services?
  • Do you have customers in the US  (CCPA applies)?

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