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Getting Started

What is needed from you


A time slot in your diary

During the design and build of the website, we typically meet once a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This helps keep things on track. Let’s find a time that will suit.


Your logo

A high-res JPG, PNG or EPS file.


Brand guidelines

Documentation that includes your colour codes and fonts.


Website copy

The text that you would like to use on the website.

Photos and images

Any photos or graphics that you would like to use on the new website. Please ensure you have the rights to use these images.

Your hosting account

Access to your hosting account or CPanel. Please create a secure note with


Your wordpress admin account

Please create a secure note with

Upload these documents to the Trello project that has been shared with you via email. Photos and images can be sent using WeTransfer.

The website design process

Every project is different, but the process is very similar regardless of the size or complexity of your project. This is what you can expect.

Step 1 – Design

The first step in creating a brand new website or updating an existing website, is the design. This encompasses the look & feel of the website and the main menu/navigation and page hierarchy.

You will be asked to approve two items during design:
– The sitemap (showing pages and heirarchy)
– A design for the main homepage
– A design for a subpage

Throughout design, you are welcome to check the Trello board frequently, since this will include any industry research or inspiration collated.

Step 2 – Development

Once the main homepage and a couple of subpages have been developed, we will review these as a live demo together. Following this, all pages and functionality will be gradually added to the website and tested (including testing on mobile phones).

You will then be given access to the website, to prepare any questions of feedback.

Step 3 – Revisions

You will review every page of the website and prepare a list of edits and questions. This should include checking for typos and ensuring that all information is correct. You can add your feedback directly to your project Trello board or send via email. 

Step 4 – Go Live

Once all feedback has been applied, we will agree a go live date. If we are moving website hosting as part of the process, we should allow up to 48 hours following go live, for the website to be visible on all devices in all locations.

Once your website is live, we will provide you with an online walkthrough of the admin area, so that you know how to make edits and add new content such as blog posts.