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If you need more exposure, are looking to boost credibility or have news to share, you might want to consider BrandPush.

BrandPush sample report

What do they do?

BrandPush will write and publish an article for you. You may have news to share, such as a new product or service launch, winning an award, reaching a milestone or you may simply want to introduce your business. If you don’t have any ideas for a topic, you can simply provide them with your website address and some information about your business and they will come up with something for you!

If you prefer to write the article yourself, you can use their publish-only service.

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Where do they publish?

They have access to a number of well-known networks such as Fox, USA Today and Market Watch. Your article will be published to hundreds of websites, many of which have huge visitor numbers and high rankings.

Will it help my SEO?

Credibility is an important part of the SEO puzzle. Put simply, if well-known websites with large visitor numbers link to your website, this is good for your SEO. BrandPush will publish your article to a large number of reputable sites with a high authority.

A recent article that BrandPush wrote and published for us, resulted in the following statistics:

  • 481 Publications
  • 10.9 Million combined monthly readers of these websites

What is the cost?

This depends on whether you would like BrandPush to write the article, the length of the article and which publishing package you choose. Prices start at $165, but the popular writing & publishing package (including writing a 350-word article) is $235.

I have used the Brandpush writers a number of times myself. While the writing is decent, be prepared to review and adapt the text to suit your style and needs. For the price, you can’t expect journalistic quality, but the quality is certainly better than other online providers I have tried in the past.

Are you interested in learning more?

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