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Siteground are a well-established hosting company who I have used and recommended for over 6 years. They have been around for 20 years, have offices and data centres around the world and over 500 employees.

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For All Websites

Siteground have a number of different plans and there is something to suit every website – from hobbyists to large corporations.

For small businesses, there are 3 different plans that will suit either WordPress websites or sites built with other technologies. For larger businesses and corporations, they offer scalable cloud hosting to suit your needs.


I don’t recommend cheap hosting providers, unless you are willing to compromise on features, performance or security. In my opinion, Siteground offer good value for money, with a number of different packages to suit different businesses and websites.

Unless you are looking for dedicated cloud hosting, prices range from €15.99 per month to €39.99 per month. For the first year, these prices are discounted by around 80% currently (€2.99 -€5.49 per month), which is a great deal.

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What Package?

For hobbyists and small websites that are not updated regularly, while you may consider the StartUp package (currently priced at €2.99 per month for the first year), I would recommend jumping straight in at the GrowBig level – currently €5.49 a month in the first year. You get three additional features that are well worth the extra money:

  • 30% faster PHP – Website speed is important for both the user experience and SEO.
  • Backups on demand – This allows you to create a website backup at the click of a button.
  • Staging – This allows you to create a copy of your website and to deploy it back onto the live website at the click of a button. This is really useful if you want to make some updates to your website but you don’t want them to be seen by users until you have completed and tested your work. It is also very useful if you experience an issue on your website and you need a copy of the website to troubleshoot on. This is a feature I would never want to be without!

If you have a larger business, large numbers of website visitors or would appreciate priority support, then the GoGeek package is for you.

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Additional Features

Some of the additional features worth mentioning are:

  • SSL Certificates are included (making your website secure with that all important https://.
  • Daily backups are included, with 30 days stored.
  • Siteground’s own Security Optimizer plugin is available to use, which will help keep hackers out.
  • Siteground’s own Speed Optimizer plugin is available to use, which helps improve website performance.

Siteground Support

One of the main reasons I stay with Siteground for all website hosting projects is their excellent support. Benefitting from priority support as part of the GoGeek package, my experience has been very positive:

  • Very little waiting time on Webchat.
  • First-line support able to resolves most issues.
  • Second-line support usually resolve issues within an hour or so, with an automatic email update.
  • The WebChat Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

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