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The name is cleverly amusing, but the software is serious about helping website owners stay compliant with data privacy laws around the world.

Set up in 2016, this company has made it easy for website owners to comply, with the introduction of their auto-updating policies. Yes, you could fill out one of the many free templates available online (though it’s quite likely it won’t cover all of your individual circumstances). Or, you could hire a lawyer to write your customised policies – that would be an expensive option and the policies would need to be updated when laws change.

Cue, Termageddon – customised to your website based on a simple questionnaire AND auto-updating, so you never have to worry about ever-changing privacy policy laws.

Do I need a Privacy Policy?

If your customers are based in a country that has privacy laws (such as the EU, UK, most US States, Canada, Australia) and you collect personal data of any kind, then yes, you need a privacy policy. I’m yet to build a website that doesn’t require a privacy policy.

Choosing not to implement one puts your business at risk of fines and lawsuits.

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If you hire a lawyer to write your privacy policy or terms and conditions, you will need to go back to them when the law changes, so that these documents can be updated (if you are even aware the law has changed!). The same is true if you buy or use a fixed text template that you found on the web. With Termageddon, the “auto-updating” part means that you don’t have to worry about that, as the software will manage this for you. Based on a questionnaire you answer (which includes questions such as “which locations do you sell to?”), the software will know when your policies need updating and will handle it for you. From time to time, this may mean reviewing your answers to the questionnaire or potentially answering new ones, but it’s a simple process that you don’t need any technical expertise for.


The fee is $119 per year for the set of policies including a Privacy Policy. Within the same fee, you also get access to create Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, Cookie Consent Solution, Cookie Policy and an End-User License Agreement, if applicable. That is extremely good value for peace of mind.

You are welcome to use our discount code ALPHAPIXA at checkout, for 10% off your first year.

Do I need technical skills?

The process of creating the policies is simple. You complete the questionnaire and once you have answered all questions, you will be provided with a piece code. This code snippet will need to be placed on the page of your website that has been created for the policy. It’s not too difficult to do and there are instructions provided, so while you don’t need technical skills, you will need access to your website administration area. If you are working with a website developer, this is a very simple job for them to do.

While the Privacy Policy, Terms and Disclaimer questionnaires can be answered by the business, the Cookie Policy does require some knowledge of the website, including some technical knowledge. For example, you may not know how long each piece of personal data is stored on your website or where to find your xml sitemap (which is the best way to allow the tool to scan your website for cookies). For this reason, it is best to work with your website developer to correctly implement the Cookie Solution.

Help implementing Termageddon

The help documents and videos available on the website are a great resource, but if you need additional help following your purchase, I suggest contacting their support. Alternatively, if you would like us to set this up for you, then please get in touch.

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