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Moving Forward

Congratulations, your new website is live! What next?

Read some tips on what you can do with your new website and how to improve your online presence.

1 – Shout about it


Share it on social

Announce your new website on your social media accounts. Maybe include a limited offer or ask your followers to re-share.


Send an email newsletter

Announce your new website in an email newsletter. If you are not yet using email marketing, you can always email your contacts directly.

Tell your family and friends

A new or re-designed website is exciting. Tell everyone you speak to – they will no doubt hop on for a look. Ask them for honest feedback and you might even get some great ideas for ongoing improvements.

Do you need help creating graphics for social media or newsletters? Let us know and we would be happy to help.

2 – List it

Create/update your Google Business profile and take advantage of the free and premium directory websites. We have written a couple of articles on this:

Top 12 UK business directories to list your business
Top 12 Irish business directories to list your business

3 – Improve it



Create a content plan for your website. This might include a monthly article for your blog, a refresh of content on existing pages or a time-limited lead magnet. Always ensure you update any details that change, such as your phone number of course!


Customer Testimonials

Whether you are collecting feedback via Google Reviews, Social Media or in person, keep this up to date on your website. Recent reviews will build more trust than outdated feedback.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Getting your website to appear in searches requires dedicated time and effort – both for new and established websites. Our SEO offering is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

4 – Secure it

If you are not already signed up to a Website Care Plan, get in touch to find out which plan is most suitable for you. All plans include security scanning and backups, to protect you from hackers and to give you peace of mind.