Improve Your Local Google Rankings with Listings

May 11, 2021 | SEO & Marketing

I’ve previously shared The Top 12 UK Business Directories and the Top 12 Irish Business Directories to list your business. It’s not difficult to create your own listings, but it is time consuming. This service can be outsourced completely for a one-off fee.

Local SEO and Citation Building

While listing your business on top directories is good for SEO in general, it is particularly important for businesses whose customers are predominantly local. So much so, that there is a specialised branch of SEO called Local SEO. While Local SEO is one of the areas I look at as part of my holistic SEO service, you can take care of Citation Building (listings in directories) yourself. Or rather, let another company take care of it for you.

Build Local Citations, Boost Local Rankings

BrightLocal specialise in local rankings. They build citations for you, for a one-off fee. You own the listings forever.
There are five easy steps:
1. Set up a free account
2. Create a ‘Citation Builder’ campaign
3. Select which citations you want to create
4. Provide your business information
5. Pay via credit card or PayPal
The cost starts at $2 per citation.

Need More Help?

Let me take care of citation building for you, as part of a wider SEO project.