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In this article, I am not going to compare hosts and offer alternatives. I have used Siteground myself for a number of years and because I am completely happy with them, I will continue to recommend them to anyone who wishes to host their own website. Yes, you may find cheaper options out there, but if you want backups, SSL certificates included and 24/7 support, Siteground are an easy choice.

If you are ready to sign up to website hosting now, visit Siteground here.

Which package?

While the cheaper StartUp Package might suit some, I recommend signing up for at least the GrowBig Package. Importantly, this package gives you access to the Supercacher tool (to help improve the speed of your website, which is really important). It also gives you access to the Staging Tool, which allows you to create a copy of your website so that you can implement changes or test updates without working on your live website. Furthermore, it includes the transfer from your existing hosting by the Siteground professionals.

Tip: When you first sign up, you are getting a pretty hefty discount off your renewal price. You get the chance to sign up for 1,2 or 3 years and this is the only time you will receive such a large discount. So, my advice is, sign up for 3 years if you can afford the outlay, as this will maximise your saving.

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Victoria is a technology consultant and founder of Alpha Pixa. Her specialist expertise includes Wordpress, WooCommerce and SEO.