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Google Analytics G4 – do you need it?

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What is G4?

G4 is a major update to the Google Analytics platform that allows you to track people across apps and websites. G4 includes some powerful new features which aim to give you deeper insights into your website’s traffic, in order to help you make smarter marketing decisions. But, it not just intended for businesses who have both a website AND an app – the update will also benefit those of you who only have a website.

What is new?

The user interface has been updated and has a more intuitive, modern design. At a glance, you now get a snapshot of your most popular pages, how well you are retaining visitors over time and you top-selling products (if you are selling online). Instead of having a very long list of pre-defined reports, the new overview reports give you some key insights and you can drill down where you want deeper analysis.

There is also better integration with Google Ads, the ability to create audiences based on certain attributes and the option to export data to BigQuery, where you can combine it with other sources of data for analysis.

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Try G4 in parallel

Google aren’t forcing you to switch from the old Analytics to G4 – you can actually run both in parallel. I suspect that once you try the new G4 you probably won’t go back, but it does give you time to learn the new layout and functions with your trusted old reports to fall back on.

How to set up G4

If you are familiar with Google Analytics properties, you simply need to create a new property. You will be provided with a new snippet of code that can be placed on your website. Alternatively, I can take care of this for you. Just drop me a mail to let me know!

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