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The best design tool for non-designers

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Canva love

Canva launched back in 2013, but it’s not that many years ago that there were still people who hadn’t heard of it. Why am I writing about it then? Well, for two reasons. First, I do still mention it to some clients who haven’t heard of it. Second, many who do use it, mainly use it for the creation of social media posts. Canva is great for social media, but also much more. I wanted to share a few ideas of how Canva could be used in your business. It’s one of my favourite tools!

6 ways to use Canva in your business

1. For social media scheduling

As well as creating great looking graphics for your posts, you can now schedule your posts directly from Canva. 

2. To create sales presentations

Are you still using Powerpoint to create slide shows? Canva has some beautifully designed templates and you can export these to powerpoint if you prefer to use controls you are familiar with.

3. To create proposals

I personally use Canva to create project proposals. With my brand colours saved and a design template created for re-use, this is a great time-saver. It produces a PDF document that looks much more slick than my previous iterations created in Word.

4. To create eBooks

Giving away an eBook is a great way to add a lead generator to your website. With plenty of design templates available, you can easily create your own branded design in Canva. If you are looking for something more advanced for eBooks (embedding videos or publishing to Kindle for instance), take a look at Designrr Pro, which is another brilliant tool.

5. To make video

You can make video from stock content and your own uploaded clips. You can now include voice over too.

6. To create business cards, letterheads or even your logo

Traditionally, branded stationary required a designer to look professional, but this can be done in-house with Canva too.

You can get started with Canva completely free of charge, but to open up access to millions of tmeplates, images and graphics, I fully recommend the Pro option. At under €110 per year for a single user Pro license, this tool offers exceptional value. I know I wouldn’t be without it!

About the Author

Victoria Bennett

Victoria is a technology consultant and founder of Alpha Pixa. Her specialist expertise includes Wordpress, WooCommerce and SEO.