Website Design, Development, Care and SEO

Personal Service from Start to Finish

Website Design, Development, Care and SEO

Design and Development

Examples of websites created by Alpha Pixa
Listening to you and understanding your business is at the heart of my service.
Advice & Guidance
Custom Designed Websites
Pre-designed Websites & Templates
Responsive Design for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktops

Hosting and Care

Caring for your website after it has been built


My work is focused on creating a website that will help your business succeed. Whether that means creating a professional online presence or converting website visitors into sales, I can deliver it. As an experienced Business & IT Consultant, I provide more than simply website design and development.

Screencapture of the EarthFIT website homepage
Screencapture of the Utzon website homepage
Screencapture of the Kevin Lieber website homepage
Screencapture of the Skin Tailors website homepage

Kind Words


So true! #quoteoftheday

Brace yourself. The State of SEO Report is coming.

Where else could you get the cold, hard data on the SEO industry gathered from:

951 B2C
779  agencies
779 In-house brands
1,223 B2B SEO professionals
298 Independent contractors & Freelancers

Arriving Sept 7th

What’s the difference between content strategy and content marketing?

Content strategy focuses on the vision and plan for your content, whereas content marketing is the execution of tactics that further your content strategy.

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